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+92514905544 info@azzam.com.pk +923181113939


The AZZAM approach

Our approach is to combine our understanding of consumer behavior with a commitment to meeting the expectations of our clients. We segregate consumers based on their budget, demand, expectations and understanding; design for them the umrah packages that cover all those aspects efficiently. Our staff is diverse and talented in all aspects of research, sourcing, correlation and designing an umrah package. We love what we do and it shows in the packages we develop.

We are from the community

We Are From The Community

Everyone in the community is important yet there are some, whom we can never payback, their services are invaluable.
Below celebrated professions are charged no service fee:
Teachers Paramedics
In addition to them we also oblige to Senior Citizens with special discounts.
We live in a beautiful community where everyone is responsible and recognized

Socially Responsible

We are very much aware that world isn’t same for all and that by helping others we can make a difference. We regularly attend humanitarian events, provide gifts for various occasions to the less privileged, share our knowledge and arrange trainings. It is our goal to make a difference in this world by creating tailored services and giving back. By becoming a part of AZZAM network, you will contribute too to Subah Sadiq Foundation (Rgd).

Socially Responsible



We strive for excellence in all that we do. We set high personal and company standards, and then consistently try to exceed them. We attract self-motivated, highly capable, results-oriented people and invest heavily in their development.


    Openness & Honesty 

We believe that open communication builds trust, which is the foundation of any relationship whether it’s with our employees or our clients.


      Team Work  

Our power comes from the talented people within our company. We create an environment in which every person is a valued and respected member, encouraged to contribute and share, and recognized and rewarded for their efforts.





When we face a tough decision we never compromise our values and principles. We do what is right, not what is the easiest.



We believe that flexibility leads to excellence and we tailor all our services to the specific needs of each client.



We are passionate and committed in heart and mind to what we do. Our employees work round the clock coming up with the best solutions to what is needed.


Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP)

AZZAM is a member of Travel Agents Association of Pakistan (TAAP) where we endeavor to eliminate any practices which may be damaging to the public or to the dignity and integrity of the Travel Trade Sector.

Subah Sadiq Foundation (Rgd)

AZZAM is affiliated with Subah Sadiq Foundation in an effort to keep working as a responsible partner in social development through arranging Trainings, workshops and promoting skills development.