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+92514905544 info@azzam.com.pk +923181113939



Membership of an organization always carry mutual benefits hence we want everyone who intends to perform Umrah or Hajj; even those who have already performed, to connect with us as members.


Members will get:

  1. A chance to win Free Umrah Tickets that are announced time to time
  2. Discount on Package
  3. Latest information & news related to Hajj & Umrah sector
  4. Assistance in case of any emergency in Harmain even if they traveled with some other Travel Agency
  5. Arrangements of part payments with different intervals to accumulate for their Umrah
  6. Opportunity to work with us as volunteers in assisting in Hujaj & Motamereen Training as well as in responding emergencies.

so, take the lead to decide to become a member, Register yourself by clicking here